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Masonry Restoration Yonkers NY

The signs and symptoms of wear and tear...

If you have worn, cracked, or just plain ugly masonry work, you're not alone. Whether it's the result of age, weather, or water damage, brick is one of the most damaged building materials you can see on a home. Over time, water will travel through the brick, freeze, and expand, causing hairline cracks that become deep cracks over time. When mortar joints become unglued from the brick itself, it becomes a risk for potential collapse. Brick restoration is not only necessary to upgrade the value of your home, but it is also essential for preserving the history of your brick.

Masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction known to man and consists of bricks, stones, or concrete blocks laid in cement mortar. Brick restoration is necessary for brick buildings that have deteriorated over time and need experts to bring them back to their original condition. For example, if bricks are crumbling or stone walls have fallen away from the main structure, it will require brick restoration. Brick restoration services include:

• re-pointing of mortar joints,
• reconstructing damaged areas
• replacing broken or missing brick/stone

If you live in an old home or apartment building, brick mortar (the stuff in between the bricks) can become weak, brittle, and crack over time. To restore the bricks back to their original look and feel, hire our experts in brick restoration – we'll take care of it all for you. Call us today at 914-826-8843.

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Brick Restoration Yonkers NY

The role of brick restoration in maintaining your home's value...

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your home. Some unexpected, some not so much. They include:

• Chipped paint.
• Leaky faucets.
• A roof full of holes.

These minor problems can add up to one big problem—a depressing, money-draining house that's impossible to sell. But don't give up hope! Not all home repair jobs require a complete overhaul. In fact, you may be able to restore the value and beauty of your home by simply hiring restoration services.

Yonkers Masonry Contractors is one of the most trusted companies in the area for premium brick mason restoration services. We specialize in all types of stonemason work, including chimney repairs, tuckpointing, and brick replacement. Contact us today for more information.

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Yonkers Masonry FAQs

Masonry Contractors work with materials like concrete, stone and brick. They install and repair patios, driveways, chimneys, fireplaces, retaining walls, even entire homes or large commercial projects. And Yonkers Masonry are the best in town! Call 914-826-8843.

Permeable means water can pass through it. Certain concrete pavers that masonry contractors build with are made with permeable features. These are ideal in poor drainage areas.

Repointing is the process of cutting old mortar between bricks to a uniform depth and then refilling it so it looks good as new again. Tuckpointing, another common masonry technique, that uses two shades of mortar to also repair damage to the bricks themselves. For the best in repointing services call Yonkers Masonry today!

Stone veneer is a manufactured material created to imitate the look of natural stone. It’s really popular because it provides the great rustic look of stone but at a more cost effective rate. It can be used in all sorts of settings -- facades, fireplaces, even accent walls. For the best in stone veneer services call Yonkers Masonry now! 914-826-8843

Masonry contractors are no different from any other professional contractor in the building and construction industry. They should hold all necessary state-authorized licenses, certifications and be insured.

Yonkers Masonry Contractors stands out due to our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in various masonry projects. We take pride in our attention to detail, timely project completion, and our ability to deliver outstanding results tailored to our clients' specific needs.

Absolutely! Our team at Yonkers Masonry Contractors has the experience and expertise to handle custom and unique masonry designs. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, whether it's a one-of-a-kind fireplace, a custom outdoor kitchen, or a distinctive architectural feature for your property.

Yonkers Masonry Contractors is committed to using environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. We work with suppliers who prioritize green practices, and we can offer a variety of eco-friendly masonry options, such as reclaimed materials, permeable pavers, and recycled content in concrete products. Our team will be happy to discuss your preferences and recommend the most suitable materials for your project.

Safety is a top priority at Yonkers Masonry Contractors. We adhere to strict safety guidelines and industry standards throughout each project. Our team is trained in proper safety procedures, and we utilize appropriate personal protective equipment, scaffolding, and other safety measures to minimize risks and protect both our employees and your property.

Yes, Yonkers Masonry Contractors offers aftercare and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your completed masonry project. We can provide guidance on proper maintenance techniques, schedule regular inspections, and perform any necessary repairs or cleaning to keep your masonry work in top condition.

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